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Silja Thor sem er Startup Coach hitti Óla Jóns í sumar í heimsókn sinni til Íslands. Silja hefur búið í 9 löndum en býr í núna í Hollandi. Hún hefur mikla reynslu í hinum stóra Startup heimi, hún segir okkur frá honum og sínu starfi. Silja segir okkur líka frá hjálparstarfi sem hún vinnur í Úganda og að hennar draumur sé að gera meira af því. Silja stendur einnig fyrir námskeiðum með Ellen Ragnars sem kom í spjall á jons.is þætti 73 á femalefounder.io Inner Tribe er einnig eitt af fjölmörgum verkefnum sem Silja kemur að og hægt að nálgast allar upplýsingar um það hér.
Silja hvetur alla sem hafa áhuga á að hafa samband við sig í gegnum Linkedin.

Silja Thor
Silja Thor

Á siljathor.com segir um Silju;
With over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship. I started my first business venture when I was barely 20 years old in London. I had limited resources and knowledge about business, and when I got my first VAT bill, I was literally in shock. Thankfully I had a great accountant that helped me fix this. And this became my first very valuable business lesson, of many to come.
​Since then, I have started three startups, few service businesses and joined early on in few others. I have lived and worked in 9 countries and have run businesses in Iceland, UK, India, Uganda, Nigeria, Belgium and Netherlands.
​I have been involved in almost every stage of business, from idea, launching the product/project, getting investors, pivoting, scaling up and selling the business (or closing it). I have had many highs and many lows. I could have escaped many of my early on challenges and even ´failures´ if I had had mentors, advisors and coaches.
​I do understand many, if not most, of the challenges and opportunities that face entrepreneurs and startups.The feeling of loneliness, the lack of clarity and confusion which steps to take, the overwhelm about the massive to do list and the lack of know-how to acquire the results is all the feelings, I can relate to. I used to experience these feelings frequently in my startup journey. Also often lacking complete focus and absolute productivity. In fact, it used to take my years to acquire my first 100 customers, which today takes me matters of weeks.
​I sincerly want to help you save months if not years of trial and error, and guide you step-by-step in the process of getting your first 100 customers and get investment ready. I have figured out a system that actually works, as long as you are willing to put in massive action.

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