Kjartan og Einar frá Overcast þáttur 40

Kjartan og Einar frá Overcast kíktu í pjall og sögðu okkur frá hvað þeir eru að gera með sýnar vörur airdate og airserve.


Á vefsíðu Overcast segir um fyrirtækið

Overcast Software was founded in 2013.
We specialize in custom solutions for the web and develop custom cloud software, complex integrations, data visualizations, web front-ends, back-ends and everything in between.
In addition to software development services, we have access to highly qualified graphic designers which can be contracted on a per-project basis.
We provide consultation to our clients, making sure that they choose the best possible solution available that fits their needs.

Og um viðmælendur

Kjartan Sverrisson
Founder og CEO

Extensive experience in large scale web projects from leading firms in Iceland.
Past experience include airlines, media corporations, IT corporations and startups.
A full-stack Python programmer with passion for web development with an M.Sc. IT from the University of Liverpool.


Einar Jónsson
Owner og Developer

Since the time of loud modems and bulky monitors programming and creating websites has been his passion
and has since pulled out of his bag of many things everything ranging from small websites to  raw socket libraries for hardware.
A true Jack of many trades and even amaster of some. Einar holds a M.Sc. in CSE from DTU.

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